Mitsubishi Semiconductors

Mitsubishi Power Devices are widely applied to various fields, such as industrial, electric railway, office automation, household power appliances and motor controls.
For the power devices, we also plan to improve energy efficiency, develop the technology for reduction of power consumption and increase the product lineup.

 International Rectifier

International Rectifier is delivering enabling power technology to a host of industries including automotive, consumer, computer/peripheral, industrial, lighting, telecom and government/space. Today, we're the only company in the world to design and manufacture solutions addressing the entire power conversion process that transforms crude electricity into clean, usable power.

Hitachi AIC Inc.

Hitachi AIC has been a world class manufacturer of superior quality capacitors for nearly 50 years. In addition to our consistant high quality, Hitachi AIC has led the way in developing new technologies to continually bring high performance capacitors to the marketplace.


Excellent performance, the optimum adaptation of devices to the tasks of drive technology - these are the goals which Hubner put into practice in collaboration with it's customers. Hubner consider high acceptance in the market as encouragement and confirmation that we are achieving these goals.

Cooper Bussmann

Bussmann is a division of Cooper Industries Inc., a diversified world-wide manufacturer of electrical products and power equipment. Bussman has grown through both organic growth and acquisition. Acquisitions have included the fusegear division of LK-NES, Beswick which added UK Domestic fuses as well as IEC and UL electronic Fuses, Hawker Fusegear (Formally Brush Fusegear Ltd) which strengthened our range of power fuses and fusegear.

Hind Rectifiers Limited.

Hind Rectifiers Ltd., has long standing tradition and experience in developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing Power Semiconductor, Power Electronic Equipments and Railway Transportation Equipments.


The El-Ci-Ar® KP-71 series snubber capacitors are used in power semiconductor circuits for energy conversion in high power converters, controller, electric vehicles, induction heating and motor applications to suppress or attenuate undesired voltage peaks. The main applications are : IGBT module protection, thyristor protection, resonance SMPS and high pulse applications.
The unique element design with no internal wire connection, offers many benefits for power electronics design engineers.

  • Extremely low self-inductance eliminates spiking
  • Polyproplene dielectric system ensures extremely low dissipation factor, resulting in very low ESR, thus increasing current carrying capacity.
  • Heavy peak current handling capacity-high dV/dt rating.

Kohshin offers two types of current sensors: hall effect current sensors capable of detecting direct and alternating current electricity, and clamp-type alternating current sensors that can detect alternating current.A

As an established industry-leading manufacturer in the fields of industrial, vehicle and measuring devices, Kohshin provides a wide spectrum of products that meet a variety of needs.

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